Reducing your risk of pneumococcal pneumonia

Below are some ways to help reduce your risk of pneumococcal pneumonia, including healthy lifestyle measures:

  • Stopping smoking. If you currently smoke, stopping smoking will help reduce your risk of pneumococcal pneumonia infection.
  • Reducing alcohol intake. Reducing your alcohol intake may help reduce your risk of pneumococcal pneumonia infection, especially if you consume a lot of alcohol on a regular basis.
  • A healthy diet and exercise. Eating a healthy diet and getting the right amount of exercise may help you fight off infection, including from pneumococcal bacteria.
  • Vaccination. Pneumococcal pneumonia vaccination is recommended by the Australian Immunisation Guidelines for those at high risk of pneumococcal pneumonia, this includes people with specific underlying medical conditions and people over the age of 70. Vaccination is available from your doctor. Click here for information about pneumococcal disease immunisation.

Please speak with your doctor if you are concerned about your risk of pneumococcal pneumonia.

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